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Language Interpreters is an independent and professional linguistic provider offering Language Interpretation services in London,UK for translations, transcriptions and interpretation requirements for private, public sector and corporates. A great combination of expertise, professionalism, and great knowledge of high-quality interpreting. Our qualified and experienced freelancers are native speakers and can assist you with any of the 3 services you are looking for. Language Interpreters is one of the growing and upcoming agencies providing translation, transcription and interpreting services in over 100 languages. As an agency, we have stringent recruitment procedures in place that handpicks the best linguists in the industry. The interpreters and translators are carefully chosen based on the industry requirements i.e., professionally qualified and experienced in their skill. They have proven track record of the above 3 services and can always assure you of our best service and personal attention, 7 days a week.


Verbal translation is more than an art of recognising the requirements and conveying the output with satisfactory results to all parties involved. It is a prepare, action and deliver service that is conducted by skilled linguists, spontaneously. Our Interpreters interpret from one source language to a target language in a manner that keeps the original attitude & message confined to a consecutive flow that is transmitting equally clear and concise as conveyed and heard.

The two main types of interpretation are:
  • Simultaneous interpreting the spoken content is interpreted from one language into another without any delay. Simultaneous translating suits congresses, state visits, open addresses, training sessions and conferences.
  • Consecutive interpreting the spoken language is interpreted into the target language. Consecutive interpreting is generally used for workshops, reviews, addresses, trade gatherings or presentations, press conferences.

Our translator’s main objective is translating words from the source language to the target language, this means, they must have a good knowledge and grasp of linguistic use and dialects. They must moreover be able to play with words, so that the content influences the reader in a perfectly normal way.

Legal translations may require proper phraseology, a particular fashion and accurate language structure that are fundamental to its result. The translation ought to be correct, dispassionate, and unambiguous. Document translation services vary from legal documents, statements, official certificates, contracts, trade understandings, enactments, business records, merger and procurement archives, employee agreements and more.

Technical translations must be correct and reliable to the initial text. Documents that we undertake and translate are booklets, manuals, guides, licenses, technical guidelines etc.

Medical translations requires clarity and precision, as well as administrative compliance for use in the target industry. Documents that we translate are medical reports, clinical trials, composed data on drugs, manuals for therapeutic equipment etc.

Financial translations ought to be inconceivably precise, as the numbers matter. Documents that we translate are auditors’ reports, annual budgetary reports, bank records, budgetary statements, invoices etc.

Certified translations are primarily utilised for public and state organisation communications. Documents that we translate are birth and marriage/ divorce/ death certificates, criminal records, recognitions, certificates, ID, witness statements, proceeding statements etc.

Translators use different instruments that help to streamline their complex work by using some of the best language translationsupport tools.


Transcription is a highly specialised area where transcribing digital audio files, online recordings, live audio etc to the highest quality. We use qualified experienced audio transcriptionists specialising in the industry.
We can transcribe interview transcription, legal transcription, conference transcription, insurance transcription, financial transcription, property transcription. Transcriptions can also be time coded as often as possible depending on the request. Normally time codes are each time a speaker speaks. We can produce transcripts from You Tube or from any audio link, videos audios of any format.

Our translators and interpreters have an excellent command of both their mother tongue and a foreign language. But each one requires skills in different ways. Most proficient interpreters translate solely into their mother tongue. Though exceptions exist only once in a while will the interpreters know a second language at the same level as their own. An interpreter must be competent of communicating in both languages without faltering. They must have an immaculate command of the talked language, and they must speak clearly and with legitimate enunciation.

Language Interpreters adhere to The Data Protection Act and all our transcribers, translators and interpreters sign confidentiality agreements.
Its only the love for languages, whether it be written or spoken language that translators, transcribers and interpreters are entrusted with, they reproduce the data appropriately, thats understandable and useful to the target audience.

For those requiring translation, transcription or interpreting services regularly into multiple languages and also in need of accurate, efficient and professional services, using our platform is a one stop solution for all Language interpretation services in London and all over UK.

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