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Localisation Agency in London | UK

Language Interpreters has been a home of specialised interpreting, translation and transcription services for businesses across the UK. Our interpreters and translators are qualified, skilled, fluent in many languages and cover several rare dialects. We are proud to be one among the best linguistic service providers in the language services industry.

Our interpreters excel in providing swift and tactical services to enable concise and resourceful communication. Their industry expertise besides linguistic skills will also aid in simplifying any legal or technical terminology and navigate through complex concepts, outlining these terms in a layman’s language. Such services are available across various industries including law, finance, governance & administration, civil & social services among others. Being able to convey difficult information is a skill that should not be underestimated, and our interpreters have the expertise to deliver this very professionally.

Often enough interpreters are required to fast-track bureaucratic procedures, especially during medical and legal emergencies. Thus, be it a court, hospital, police station or a law firm the interpreters will prevent you from being overwhelmed in an unchartered territory by offering assistance with interpreting for urgent requests.

We provide quality and cost effective services to all sectors including legal (courts, law firms, police stations), medical, local authorities.

Our offices are open from Monday to Sunday / 365 days (9am to 8pm) including weekends and bank holidays.

our vision

Our Vision

To be one among the best linguistic service providers in the language services industry. To achieve this, we will aim to become a one-stop-solution catering to the needs of every individual and businesses that are seeking translation, interpretation, and transcription services.

our values

Our Values

At the heart of our corporate culture are our core values. They are a reflection of us as an organization and as individuals. These principles are a beacon that guide and influence each and every step, every single day.

  • 1. Service that matters.
  • 2. Serving our clients right.
  • 3. Uniting Cultures.

We are aware of the sensitive and confidential boundaries within which most business operations are conducted. Thus, we can vouch for our interpreters for being adept in dealing with personal and classified data or information with the highest degree of precision. Their eye for detail and an accurate understanding of terminologies ensures that key meanings and structures are not lost in translation.We are one of the best Localisation Agency in London | UK

Our discreet and professional interpreters provide the interpretation required to navigate even the most difficult of situations, covering areas such as mental health, medical needs, immigration, asylum, childcare, family law and more. We can provide linguistic support for vulnerable clients, minors, and anyone else who requires interpretation in order to communicate and access information.

Offering great value

Offering Great Value

Our Interpreters are qualified, experienced, and handpicked. Their expertise and professionalism are remarkable. We believe in delivering outstanding service from start to finish. From quotation to delivery or completion of the job, our customer service always symbolizes personal attention.

To find out more about our services, or to request for a quote / book an interpreter, complete our online quotation / booking form, or email us your query at info@language- interpreters.com. You can also contact our team on 0208 123 5556 who will be happy to assist with your telephone interpreting requirements and inquiries.