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Telephone Interpreting Services in UK

Our telephone interpreting is easy to use

Simultaneous Interpretation Services Consecutive Interpretation Services
For Legal, Medical , Public and Private sectors. For Conferences, Seminars, Legal and Medical assessments etc.

We offer professional interpretation support over the phone 7 days a week in over 100 languages. The procedure is as simple as securing a linguist over the phone and connecting additional parties to that call so that everyone can speak and listen to a conversation as a group. It can also involve a group of people who are already present in the room to understand what is being said to them with the assistance of an interpreter over a speaker phone.

Step 1 Step 2
Call your client or the person you wish to talk to and put them on hold Call the interpreter and connect via 3-way conference Or Provide a number where the interpreter can dial in to connect or join a meeting

Speedy service

Telephone interpreting offers a service within minutes. It could be in any language and at any time. It is helpful in emergencies or out of office hours. This service helps achieve the desired outcome regardless of where you are based. A fast, reliable, and confidential service with satisfactory results.

Privacy and Secure

Telephone interpreting service is the most secure means of overcoming cultural barriers that may not allow physical presence of an interpreter in certain places. This also eliminates the risks and obstructions that could arise due to the physical presence of a person. Currently telephone interpretation service has proved to be the most secure way of achieving the desired result during these unprecedented times. This offers privacy from a secure distance.


Telephone interpretation reduces the chances of distracted conversations. The interpreters can focus on conversations and ensure accuracy. This process does not expose reactions of the opposite person nor disrupts the flow of content. It is not very difficult to portray and convey the message even though the matter may be serious and disturbing. This service is ideally suited for:

This service is ideally suited for:

  • Requests of urgent nature organised with short lead times.
  • When desired information is condensed or abridged
  • Medical appointments that are brief, confidential, and specific in nature
  • Other specified interpreting needs where the scope of work is limited.
  • The schedule is centred on fairly simple exchange of information and not subject to a detailed discussion.

Moreover, since the need for travel is not required, telephone interpretation becomes easily affordable and comes at competitive prices for small-scale requirements.We serve on london and all places in UK

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