Language Transcription Services in London,UK

Language Interpreters offers transcription services for video and audio formats. The content of the video or audio is transcribed into a written translation which could be used for personal and official purposes. Whether it is an employee/employer related matter, a court hearing, medical transcription, or a family dispute, we can transcribe from/into any language.

Our freelancer transcribers are qualified, experienced, and skilled in this field. They have the knowledge and experience to produce transcripts that capture the faintest background noise, the accents, the content, and context of words spoken and relay the message in a written format.

Accurate & Complete Transcriptions

Language Interpreters is a one stop solution to your needs. If you are in need of transcription services that are legal and confidential in nature we can assist and deliver accurate transcriptions for all industries. We offer cost effective and secured service for all your transcription needs.

Language Interpreters are the finest transcription company that offers professional outcome with simple procedures. Our transcribers deliver accurate and professional language transcription service in London and all over UK within agreed timeframe.

At Language Interpreters our transcribers / translators have extensive legal experience with transcriptions and translations to their credit. They are well versed in their skill and have assisted with projects relating to corporate communication, legal, private, medical or literary context.

We offer services of professionals who take pride in their skill and experience helping common people to overcome the barriers of communication in various forms.

We maintain

A simple 3 step process:

  • 1. You send us your audio/video data.
  • 2. We transcribe it.
  • 3. We send it back to you via email.

We accept

A variety of audio /video data including:

  • a. CDs, DVDs, MP3s, MP4s and WAV.
  • b. Links via Facebook, YouTube &, WhatsApp.
  • c. Newspaper articles and others which can be discussed based on your unique need and availability.

Our work

Is managed by native speakers who produce quality transcription services in a secured and private environment with utmost confidentiality.

Our pricing structure and rates

Is very flexible and transparent.
The cost for both audio and video transcription is normally the same. Language interpreters offers rates per minute basis or a minimum charge that is cost effective and aligns with the per word charges of a document translation. We comply with legal aid rates for transcriptions and translations. We also offer prompt, fast and reliable services and can complete and deliver transcriptions in agreed timescales. We provide quotes to meet your expectations.

Our delivery process

Language Interpreters guarantees cost effective and swift transcription services in short turnaround times for all your personal and business needs. Our prompt service speaks for itself.

Some of the Transcription Services we can support you with include:

  • Audio Transcription services.
  • Video Transcription services.
  • Foreign Language Transcription services.
  • Newspaper articles / links.
  • Medical Transcription services.
  • & Many more depending on your unique needs.

Get in touch with us today

To find out more about our services, or to request for a quote / book an interpreter, complete our online quotation / booking form, or email us your query at info@language- You can also contact our team on 0208 123 5556 who will be happy to assist with your telephone interpreting requirements and inquiries.