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We assist with translation of:

  • Legal documents
  • Court translations
  • Certificates
  • Statements
  • Leaflets
  • Employee contracts
  • Letters
  • IDs
  • Book and film scripts
  • Business contracts
And many more ...

Legal Translation Services Medical Translation Services Technical Translation Services Certified Translation Services Document Translation Services
Judicial Proceedings, Evidentiary Documents, Contracts, Witness Statements, IDs, letters, immigration documents and many more. Test Reports, Medical Texts, Manuals, Patient Records, Letters, Prescriptions, Expert Reports and many more. Operating Manuals, Technical Documentation and more. Birth, Marriage, Wills, Divorce, Death Education Certificates and more. All other type of legal, private, and professional documents.

Regardless of the type of document, context or language combination needs, our team will provide a quote and a timescale for return, should you wish to avail this service.

The translations are produced by professional translators who are not only highly experienced but qualified and skilled. The standard of the translation is unmatched and are created to mirror the original. The end translation will be provided in the same format as the original / source text. The original source of information along with the translation will be paired for easy reference.

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If you are an individual, government department or organisation, we can help if you require translations that are as small as 100 words or as complex as 100,000 words or more.

Whether you need expert translation in the areas of law, medicine, technical, business, finance, or any other, Language Interpreters can provide you with fully customised translation solutions in over 100+ languages.we provide the best document translation services in London |UK

Our professional translators are highly experienced and committed to providing the utmost in confidentiality, reliability, attention to detail by mirroring the translations for your needs.


In keeping with our policy to always put the client first, we also offer express translation services 7 days a week. This service is especially geared in handling client emergency translation service requirements as swiftly as possible.

Please let us know if you are interested in our express translation services so we can provide appropriate details. Get in touch with us to understand your needs for personal and official translations listed above and below.

Listed below are some of the typical document translation services in London | UK:
Translation of certificates
Birth certificate
Death certificates
Marriage certificates
Divorce certificates
Change of name Certificates
Exam certificates
ID proof
Visa documents
Bank statements
Pay slips
Insurance confirmation
Policy documents
Mortgage agreements
Tenancy agreements
Handwritten letters
Medical documents
Diploma certificates
Education certificates
Employers' references
Court documents and Other legal,
insurance or Medical documents Contracts
Personal Documents
Business documents
Legal Will
And many more
Legal translations

Language Interpreters offers professional legal translations. Our translators have been working in the legal corridors and have the knowledge and understanding of legal terminology and its use. The end translations produced are a true representation of the original document.

Language Interpreters can assist with translation of legal documents that can be used in courts, such as witness statements, deeds, IDs etc. The certified translations can be used for all kinds of official purposes.

Healthcare translations

Health care translations may be often required for immigration, application of citizenship, patient information, or for commercial purposes within the pharmaceutical industry. We have medical experts who are fluent in many languages and can deliver accurate and precise translations of health care texts for all purposes.

Certified Translations for CONFIDENTIAL / PERSONAL USE:

For private individuals in need of translation services for personal use, we will be happy to assist and can offer you certified translations to and from English as well as in other languages as per your needs.

The translations are stamped, signed, and certified with a certificate and statement of truth by the translator that the translation is a true representation of the original received.

The translation is dated, includes the full name and detailsĀ of our translation agency. This procedure complies with the guidelines for translation certification set by the government.

The translator, if required can provide a certificate of accuracy.

In cases where you have the content for translation ready and need an approximate quote for your reference, you can provide us with a word count of the document

In all cases, you are welcome to call us to discuss your unique needs. Rest assured, we will have a solution to your queries and will certainly be glad to hear from you.

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